Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Cravings for some seafood?

 Let's say you live in Southern Cali, and you wake up any given day craving for some delicious seafood. Ok that's perfectly fine, humans tend to crave things specially food, am I right?

Well don't panic, take a step back and assess the situation. The first thing that comes to your mind is where to go? Simple, The Fisherman's Restaurant & Bar located at the Historic San Clemente Pier. Why should I go there? Another easy question, it's staff is super friendly and will always welcome you with a smile, the location, the food is superb combining fresh and tasty ingredients with simplicity in the way it is cooked, the result can't be other than a spectacular dish with lots of colors, freshness and delightful flavors. The main goal of The Fisherman's is satisfy even the most educated palate whilst enjoying a beautiful sunset right on top of the sea, hearing the waves below you and watching pro surfers riding the waves.

Now it's time to decide what to eat? If you come hungry enough, the best choice for you will be one of the many feasts the restaurant has to offer specially the Halibut feast this one is served with freshly baked sour dough bread, warm chowder, steamed clams and the famous Halibut as the main dish accompanied by one of The Fisherman's signature wine. In conclusion, from the moment you decide to come to restaurant and take care of your seafood cravings to the moment when you are seated and waiting for your delicious meal to arrive, you will be relaxed and having fun the whole time. Allow us to treat you the way you deserve.